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Bad Credit, No Credit, Don't Sweat It: The Convenience of Bald Hill Kia Pre-Approval

There may have been a mistake or two along the way that has hindered your ability to grow your credit score and stay in a preferred range, but it is our belief here at Bald Hill Kia that a poor credit score should not be able to stop you from purchasing the vehicle of your dreams. This is why our credit specialists are ready to go to bat for you when securing auto financing as your main credit advocators, regardless of the credit history you bring with you here to our dealership in Warwick, RI.

We have relationships with banks and lenders from all over the country, while also enjoying long-tenured histories with local financial establishments within our area, and are ready to work on your behalf with these different groups to secure financing that you can be proud of. Just as we ask that you don't prejudge your poor credit, we request the same of these establishments, as there is often a story behind why your score may have slipped that we believe can provide some real context and prove beneficial to your car shopping experience!

Instead of sending your paperwork over and wait for a response that may sometimes take weeks to receive, we take the personal approach with direct phone calls to these banks and lenders to chat about your credit score and the potential options that you may have available! We've found this approach to be effective for a large number of our shoppers over the years, and we believe you can enjoy the same positive type of experience!

Please feel free to fill out our pre-approval form above so we can begin the process of getting in contact with you for a formal sit down soon.