The Kia EV6 has some of the best technological enhancements out of other all-electric vehicles in Warwick, RI. The dashboard has a cockpit-like design, especially noticeable with the wide digital gauge display. You will receive real-time alerts about the health of your SUV, which you can experience on a test drive with Bald Hill Kia.

The standard infotainment display screen on the Kia EV6 is 12.0 inches wide. It is plenty big enough for every passenger to see and remain entertained. Set up your voice commands to change the station, make a call, or send a text message.

Connect your smart devices to the infotainment system in your Kia EV6 by using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Keep your phones alive while connected by using the wireless charging pad. The Wi-Fi hotspot will keep you connected to the outside world, especially if you drive into a rural environment. Use this internet connection to find a charging station if you get low on the 310-mile driving range.

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