Gaskets Serve a Very Important Function in Your Vehicle

Bald Hill Kia feels that it is very important to have a basic understanding of how the many parts of your vehicle work together to keep it functioning properly. Take gaskets, for example. Without these clever inventions, the many different types of fluids that flow throughout your car and truck would spill all over the place. Naturally, this would create a huge problem.

You might wonder what gaskets do in the first place. When working properly, they form a bond between various surfaces to the point that no fluid or gas can escape through. They are also designed to withstand the extreme temperatures that your vehicle reaches under the hood.

Gaskets work so well because of the materials they are made of. This usually consists of multi-layered steel. Copper is another material that is commonly used in the construction of gaskets as it provides durability. You will also find some gaskets that are made of rubber because of its ability to mold to various surfaces.

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