Drive Secure in a Kia Soul

In recent years, technology has joined in the efforts to create the safest vehicles possible and avoid potential accidents. The new Kia Soul is no exception to this innovation, presenting its drivers with the latest in driver-assisted technologies to function as a back-up and help prevent disastrous situations.

Smart Cruise Control is an adaptive feature that is now available in the Kia Soul. It has the ability to not only cruise at a chosen speed, but also adjust to surrounding traffic by automatically slowing down or accelerating when necessary. Another technology geared toward safety is the Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist. This system uses radar to spot impending front-end collisions. If you are distracted and don’t see the warning, it can even automatically apply the brakes for you.

Every year our cars are getting smarter and making driving safer. The Kia Soul takes advantage of the latest technology without sacrificing style and comfort.


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