Find the Affordable, High-Quality Care Your Car Needs at Bald Hill Kia's Service Center

One of the less fortunate truths about owning a car is that it's going to need maintenance someday. Parts wear down, and fluids run out; if you want your car to keep running, you'll have to deal with that reality, even in the best cars.

When the time comes for that, you can count on the service center at Bald Hill Kia to help.

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Our dealership maintains an expert team of factory-trained technicians who share years of experience between them. They work with top-quality tools and use first-class OEM-provided parts to guarantee your vehicle receives the best repairs possible. If you come to us with a Kia-brand vehicle, it's even possible that the new parts going into your car will be identical to the ones it originally used.

Not only do we offer excellent service, but we can also direct you to valuable offers and specials designed to help you save on the service you need. Why pay full-price for an oil change or tire rotation when you don't have to? Check out our specials page online before you visit, or ask our staff in person at our dealership. We'll help you find a discount that helps.

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When you're ready to seek out vehicle service, drop us a line at our location in Warwick, RI. We can help you decide on the services you need, set you up with an appointment, and provide you with directions to our conveniently-located dealership. Whatever issues your vehicle is experiencing, we're confident that our team of maintenance professionals can help you find a solution to take care of it.

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